2018 Is The Year Of Disruption.

Change is exciting. Taking that job you’re not 100% sure you’re qualified for and flourishing. Anxiously booking a solo holiday and returning home with a mind full of magnificent memories. Waiting outside a restaurant for that first date and leaving with the promise of another. And even if your detour from the ordinary doesn’t work out, even if it all crumbles in a spectacular fashion, you still become richer by learning a hard lesson. Or simply because you gained a really, really good story.

If you spend any time in the city, you’ll have noticed the unmistakable signs of change circling Forrest Chase. Transformation is afoot, sprinting rather than strolling, and it leaves us wondering – what will it bring?

For the Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign, we explored the excitement that comes with change. We painted the town red, threw the rule-book out the window, and started a revolution against the status quo, wielding signposts that read ‘we’re all for the unknown’. Metallics clashed with matte, and tulle with leather – nothing was off limits and everything was fair game.


Every ship needs a captain, and ours came in the form of Zebra Creative. The Perth born and bred creative consultancy worked closely with our Forrest Chase team to assemble a striking shoot that not only delivered visually but ran smoothly on the day.

Taking the photography reins was Chantel Concei. No stranger to shooting fashion, her cutting-edge creativity and knack for finding “the shot” has earned herself a reputation as one of Perth’s most respected artistic photographers and a regular contributor for STM magazine. The other lens on-set belonged to Duane Orriss of Orriss Films, who captured the eclectic atmosphere of the West Perth studio for our SS18 reel.

Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign

Britt wears: Scotch & Soda Jacket and Swim top; Calvin Klein Leggings, Prada Sunglasses, Holly Ryan Earrings; and Sophie Hulme Bag


It’s hard not to recognise our dagger-eyed leading man. Sharp in both jawline and wit, Stirling Caiulo is regarded as one of Perth’s top modelling exports, having worked for the likes of Ermenegildo Zegna, Calvin Klein, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tom Ford and Fendi. Equally as impressive is Britt Nichols – a style chameleon who pulled off a golden jacket just as effortlessly as a lobster sweater. Her portfolio reads like the pages of Vogue magazine, citing Misha collection, Steele and MYER as past gigs. Together, the two Chadwicks alumni form a formidable, aesthetically exquisite duo. 

Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign

Stirling wears: Jack & Jones Blazer, Patagonia Jacket, G-Star Raw Pants, Gahanna Sunglasses and Swatch Watch

Britt wears: Scotch & Soda Jacket, Singlet and Pants; GAS earrings; and Kenzo Bag


Hair and makeup have the ability to transform, and Hendra Widjaja was our spell-weaver in resident. Utilising the magic of highlighter and a coppery palette, the final face was a look that mixed classic elegance, modern attitude and futuristic outlook into one. Styling the shoot was Teagan Sewell, the sartorial rebel who broke the rules of fashion to create outfits that said ‘here today, and here tomorrow’.

Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign

Britt wears: Asilio Dress; Nana Judy Jacket; Christie Nicolaides Earrings; and Olga Berg Clutch

Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign

Britt wears: Scotch & Soda Pants and Shirt; Christie Nicolaides Earrings; and Sophie Hulme Bag

Stirling wears: Blaq Shirt; Levi’s Jacket and Jeans; Van Heusen Belt; and T.M. Lewin Tie

Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign

Stirling wears: Scotch & Soda shirt and pants

Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign

Britt wears: Yeojin Bae Dress; Acler Shirt Dress; Adidas Jumper; Holly Ryan Earrings; and Celine Sunglasses

Stirling wears: Superdry Jacket; Bonds Top; Kenji Pants;  Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses; and Swatch Watch

Forrest Chase 2018 Campaign

Britt wears: Skin & Threads Shirt and Skirt; Christie Nicolaides Earrings and Olga Berg Bag

The Team

Art Direction: Zebra Creative

Photography: Chantel Concei

Models: Britt Nicholas and Stirling Caiulo at Chadwicks Models

Hair & Makeup: Hendra Widjaja

Video: Duane at Orriss Films

Styling: Teagan Sewell

Shot on location in a West Perth studio.