Ever passed someone on the street who looked so strikingly put-together and polished?

You know the ones; they require a stealthy double-take. With their clothes fitting perfectly and a demeanour that makes ballerinas appear ungraceful, it’s easy to assume some sort of black magic is at play. Or – at the very least – 10 hours of outfit & beauty preparation.

Thankfully for the time poor women out there, you don’t need thousands of spare hours or a personal stylist to look polished. All it takes is a little planning, a dash of confidence & just a smidge of breaking long-held fashion rules.

Find Your Signature Scent:

A signature scent is something many people overlook. Not only can a small bottle be expensive, but it’s a commitment that is often brushed off as an unnecessary luxury. However, the elusive truth is that what you choose to spritz reveals more about who you are than your choice in jewellery, bag or hair style. Are you modern and unapologetic? Or as feminine and floral as Grace Kelly?

Unfortunately, perfume descriptions are useless for determining which scent suits you. Reading a blurb is like trying to taste food via staring at it, or attempting to reach out and touch a song – you need to use the right sense to get a clear idea. This is where MYER is brilliant – aisles upon aisles of scents to invigorating your sense of smell.

Establish a Beauty Routine:

When make-up artists use the word “polished” to describe beauty, it alludes to a look that is neither too matte or luminous. It’s natural, it’s flawless, it usually seems way too difficult to recreate at home when you have 5 minutes left to catch the bus. The trick is to start with the right foundation, and that’s achieved by visiting a professional. With so many factors to consider – from climate to coverage – leave the deliberating to the experts in store at MYER.

Look polished

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Become A Morning Person:

In a perfect world, we wake up in the morning feeling refreshed with the right amount of Zs and a Brad Pitt lookalike close by. However, in reality, the day usually starts with a lot of snooze-button-hitting and ‘damn, I missed Yoga class. Again‘. If you and 6am have a tentative relationship, it’s time to be the bigger person and force the two of you to get along. The morning is the optimal time to write out your priorities for the day and make progress towards them before the buzz of the 9-to-5 demands your attention.

Maintain Your Mani:

Chipped nail polish isn’t chic; it’s as simple (and complicated) as that. For me, self-nail-painting usually ends in a cloud of frustration – as great as human hands are, they just aren’t designed to bend that way. The only explanation to the smooth, chip-less mani’s of polished people is that they don’t do their nails at their desk during their office break. They must let the professionals at Professionail & Regal Nails work their magic.

Look polished

Carry Yourself With Confidence:

Regardless of what you’re wearing, posture can make or break an outfit. Thankfully, achieving poise doesn’t require walking around with an encyclopedia on your head – just push that chin up, straighten those shoulders and walk like the paparazzi are watching through a telescopic lense. You’ll find that suddenly, as if magic, everything you’re wearing suddenly hangs the way it was designed to.

Accessorise – Or Don’t:

Coco Chanel was a flawless lady – but I do have a minor qualm with one of her most famous quotes; “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off“. As a self-confessed lover of all things reflective, semi-ostentatious and dazzling, I am almost tempted to do the exact opposite. The trick here is to buy accessories that you love – not Elle Magazine, not your best friend and definitely not anyone off Real Housewives of New Jersey. If you are an minimalism-lover rocking giant tasselled earrings, you are going to be out of your element.

From Left: Shield Earrings in Rose – Morrison Clothing at MYER $129; Versace VE 4330 – Sunglass Hut $309.95; Cross My Heart Earrings – Sportsgirl $16.95

Pay Attention To Fit:

When Moses went up Mount Sinai and chiselled out the 10 commandments, another fellow climbed a neighbouring mountain and formed the commandments of polishment. Arguably, my knowledge of history could be ever-so slightly off; however the words heeded still ring true:

1) Thou Shalt Befriend Thy Tailor

2) Thou Shalt Understand The Importance Of Hemming

Subtly Weave In Trends:

Slip dresses, abstract prints & 90’s chokers; trends are fun but they often come with a use-by-date. Instead of completely re-hauling your wardrobe every season (a costly exercise), learn to subtly weave trends into your everyday rotation. Stock up on classic pieces that can be worn year round – like a sturdy white tee from Kate Sylvester – and pair them with trends that are too intriguing to let pass by.

Look polished

From Left: Dahlia T-Shirt $125, Miller Skirt $337; Francis Shirt $161 & Miller Skirt $337; Tallulah X-Back Dress $320, Tess T-Shirt $134, Woven Heel $439. All Kate Sylvester, available at MYER.

Plan Ahead:

Polished doesn’t happen overnight. Get out that organiser and book appointments in advance – brow bar at Benefit – Myer, hair treatments & cuts, manicures at Regal Nails, yoga classes at Goodlife Health Club. Having everything written down and booked in advance will prevent any last minute flaking, making that polish last the distance.

Show Your Pearly Whites Some Love:

For the majority of us, our teeth don’t get much thought during the day. Even when we are brushing them, the mind seems more interested in the plot line of the latest Gilmore Girls episode you devoured than the importance of shiny pre-molars. We all need our mind-wandering time, so leave the dentistry to the experts and book yourself a whitening appointment or general check up at Lifecare Dental to keep that smile gleaming.

Look polished

Johanna Borger x