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Take our quiz & find the perfect fragrance for you.

(because let’s face it: we’ve all got a little fondness for personality quizzes)

1. On a Friday night, you can be found:

A) Cooking up a storm in the kitchen with a bunch of fresh produce

B) Getting ready to go out – and having no-idea where you will end up

C) Returning from an easy afternoon stroll

D) Pouring yourself a glass of your favourite wine

2. The most-used item in your beauty kit is:

A) An exfoliating coffee scrub

B) A bold eye & lip palette

C) A foundation that matches your skin tone flawlessly

D) A classic black liner & a matte red lip

3. Your daydream holiday would be:

A) Exploring secret passageways in Marrakesh

B)  Catching a cab to anywhere in New York City

C) Navigating the streets of Stockholm with a coffee in hand

D) Waking up in a Parisian hotel room overlooking the Eiffel Tower

4. Your next Netflix binge is:

A) A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Chef’s Table, Planet Earth

B) Iris, Black Mirror, Queer Eye

C) Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, Grace & Frankie, Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

D) Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Crown, Moulin Rouge

5. The best way to describe your style is:

A) A wardrobe of items you have found in strange places, but absolutely adore

B) Eye-catching and memorable

C) Mixing high-quality basics with the latest trends

D) Timeless, chic and classic

6. You never leave the house without:

A) Your reusable coffee cup

B) You are usually running late, so long as you have your keys, wallet and phone – you’re set for the day!

C) Your frequently-opened planner or diary

D) A little black bag

7. Your go-to drink is:

A) Beer or Cider

B) Espresso Martini

C) A Classic Gin & Tonic

D) Red wine

8. Your favourite sort of weather is:

A) You can’t decide; you just love the changing of the seasons

B) Thunderstorms or balmy beach days. Both are good!

C) Sunny days with a cool breeze

D) A little bit of drizzle & an excuse to bring out your chic winter coat


Mostly A’s – Earthy

You strive to live an organic life. Not necessarily in terms of raw cacao cheesecakes & goji berries – but you like to understand and see the origins of things. You’ll immerse yourself in the history of a new location and will use cinema and books to glimpse into different worlds and eras. You find rich and musky scents like patchouli, amber and sandalwood appealing. Lucky for you Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons (from $139) and Itasca by Lubin ($169) have perfectly captured the woody notes of a forest stroll in their quaint little bottles.

comme des garcons perfume
autumn in paris
tocca perfume

Mostly B’s – Wild & Unexpected

Intriguing, dramatic and always the first one on the dance floor. Your friends would describe you as bold, but you think the night is just too short not to let your hair down & order a 3rd espresso martini. You expect magic in every encounter, and the same goes for your perfume. You don’t just want a little bottle of spritz, you want a carefully concocted potion to keep everyone under your spell. Find yourself a little bit of black magic in Daringly Different by Diana Vreeland Parfums ($270) or Fresh Gold Couture by Moschino (from $98).

diana vreeland perfume
women in sequin bow
diana vreeland perfume

Mostly C’s –  Clean & Crisp

For you, the perfect scent is subtle, light and airy. It’s the sort of clean that can be likened to a well-organised and planned day: sharp, to the point and no-fuss. You have a soft spot for the minimalism movement with a wardrobe full of carefully selected neutral basics. Keep things simple with the fresh scents of Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Margiela ($160) or Earl Grey & Cucumber by Jo Malone London ($98).

margiela fragrance
sand dunes
jo malone fragrance

Mostly D’s – Richly Romantic

Refined, ladylike and classically elegant. Your usual daydream involves brisk walks along the River Seine with a straw hat, chic black brogues and a slightly indulgent croissant. You aren’t an over sharer, but love to leave people with the hint of what could be. An unfinished sentence, a quick smile to a passing stranger. For those of you nodding your head along to this description, keep a little bottle of Cleopatra by TOCCA ($105) or Miss Dior by Dior (from $99) on your dressing table.

beautiful woman
miss dior fragrance

All of these fragrances can be found and sampled at MECCA or MYER, Forrest Chase.