Our Most Hyped Beauty Buys

In the panic of realising that 2023 is now less than 3 months away, have you found yourself staring into the doom and gloom of a dark winter wardrobe with flaky skin and legs you’ve been meaning to shave for a month or more? Because same… To combat this, we have complied our top 10 beauty picks to get you feeling your most fabulous, just in time for spring!
Let’s get up and glow at Forrest Chase.

Daisy Ever So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

My, my, Myer. We can’t start spring without the smell of flowers, so our first pick to get you up and glowing is the delightful scent of Daisy Ever So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. With an aura of florals floating around you, this is just the pick-me-up that will get you feeling fresh and fabulous.

Turmeric Glow Moisturiser from Kora Organics

Also from Myer, we have the gorgeous Turmeric Glow Moisturiser from Kora Organics that is honestly like sunshine in a jar. This soothing sensation has been crafted to fight dullness and reduce puffiness, so it’s sure to have your skin glowing in no time.

Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer from Charlotte Tilbury

Mecca is our next stop on the way to finding your spring glow. Now we all know that despite our best efforts to get our 8 hours every night, this is not always achievable. But Charlotte Tilbury has got your back with her Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer. We all love a sneaky beauty hack and this is the perfect beauty secret to have in your corner heading into spring.

Illuminating Face & Body Oil from Emma Lewisham

Another one of our favourite ladies, Emma Lewisham, has also graced the Mecca shelves with her magical powers in the form of a gorgeous Illuminating Face & Body Oil. Deeply hydrating and beautifully bronzing, this oil will have you looking and feeling like a sunny day in no time.

Spot Stop & Cooling Eye Pads from Sportsgirl

No self-care session is complete without our 5th and 6th beauty picks. These heart-shaped spot stop blemish patches from Sportsgirl are not only cute, but also super effective at reducing redness, speeding up recovery and drying out imperfections. So whether you are a popper, picker or leaver – these are patches will get you spot-free in no time!

Our second pick from Sportsgirl’s beauty range is an absolute must for those who suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes. The Cool Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads are perfect for when you are relaxing, or before you apply your makeup before a night out – because the only bags you should have are the fabulous ones in your wardrobe.

Hydra Facial from Clear Skincare Clinics

So, we’ve got the scent, the skincare, the soothing and the spot removal… But what about a bit of rejuvenation? If you really feel like you need a deep refresh after winter, Clear Skincare Clinics will be the place for you. Our glow pick from Clear Skincare Clinics is the HydraFacial. Helping to exfoliate, clear blocked pores and infuse medical-grade serums for the freshest of skin, this facial will have you feeling as dreamy as the clouds on a perfect spring day. And the best part? It only takes 30 minutes!

Mani Pedi from Regal Nails

You’re feeling great from your head, but what about the toes? Forrest Chase has those covered too! Stop into Regal Nails for a bit more TLC and treat yourself to a cute mani pedi to match all your new spring fits. If we are really going to do a spring clean, we may as well go all out…

Hair Treatments from House Of Ernest

Now we have already somewhat covered the head section of glowing from head to toe, but we can’t forget about the hair… Dry scalp is a killer in winter and don’t even look at these dead ends. House of Ernest is offering $50 off your first full colour service with them for a limited time only and if this isn’t the perfect excuse for a blowout, we don’t know what is. Whether you’re into baby-lights or face-framing highlights to get that au naturale beach babe look, House of Ernest will have you golden and glowing in no time.

Teeth Whitening from LifeCare Dental

And finally, to finish off our top 10 picks, we simply couldn’t go past your smile. Because what truly makes you glow, is those gorgeous pearly whites. Whether you are wanting to lighten up your teeth with some professional whitening, or if you’re perhaps just way overdue for a clean (yes mum, I know), head into Lifecare Dental to keep that cheesy grin looking great.

With all the hype around getting ‘ready’ for the warmer seasons, please don’t forget that no one glows the way YOU do, so do it with pride, however that may be.

Get up and glow this spring, at Forrest Chase.