Roxy Visser: Empowering Connections and the Power of Community


The new year is all about fresh starts but we know it can be difficult to know how to take those first steps towards your goals. We’ve met up with Roxy Visser, a lululemon ambassador and influential figure in Perth’s fitness scene, who gives insight into her health, wellness, and fitness journey.


Tell us a bit about your journey. How did you get started in the health, fitness, and wellness industry?

I’m born and bred in South Africa but have been in Western Australia for the last 12 years. I started on the opposite end of the spectrum, working in hospitality, which as anybody that’s worked in the industry or knows people in the industry knows it can be quite an unhealthy lifestyle. Whilst I was passionate about working within the industry and was grateful for it because it brought me to Australia, I wasn’t happy with my mental and physical wellbeing. Coming from a family that instilled strong values of self-pride and respect, I knew I had to make a change.

I pivoted into marketing and events which, in turn, led me to meet people in the fitness industry at the same time. Coupled with a few personal incidents at the time that’d taken place, I realised I needed to take action and do something for myself. I wanted to take control of what I was doing and make sure that, no matter the money or what type of work I was doing, I was going to be happy with my day-to-day and nurture my mental and physical wellbeing.

As I started moving into the health and fitness space, inspiring and helping others organically grew because I was loving it so much. I had found that passion and fire again. I was proud of what I was working on and found new goals that excited me. I realised that I could inspire other people to do the same and make those changes for themselves, and I could be a positive influence – even in the smallest way.

I did a full 360 from working in hospitality, needing a complete flip of lifestyle and this change led me to find myself and the communities I am so proud to be part of now.


You do a lot for other people through your work as an instructor and leader in your community groups, what is your favourite way to wind down and focus on you?

In my role as an instructor and community leader, I dedicate a significant amount of time to others. When it comes to winding down and focusing on myself, ironically, this typically involves movement, either strenuous or gentle. Whether it’s a walk or hike with my fur babies, a run, swim or time in the gym, it’s an opportunity to give back to myself, as much as I love to give back to others.

I love being able to inspire people but working in the fitness industry demands a continuous outpouring of energy throughout the day. It’s easy to become unwittingly drained. Recognising this, I try to prioritise replenishing my own energy. Ultimately, it’s crucial for everyone, including those in demanding roles, to identify and nurture what rejuvenates them—finding what truly fills their cup.


You are involved in a few different community groups centred around health and fitness. Can you tell me how you got involved and what is your biggest takeaway from these groups?

I’m very much a believer that everything happens for a reason and the universe will conspire to give you back what you are putting in. My dad has always told me “Sort, seek, sort” – you’ll always attract the things you want to attract and that align with your values. I have found that rings true with all the community groups and opportunities that have presented themselves to me across the years.

I came across the LA Fit community first, and have been with them for 7 years. It started as a marketing venture that evolved as I stepped into an instructor role, teaching Lagree Fitness and Rhythm Ride. I now work as the Marketing & Community Lead for the business too, and get to fully immerse myself within the business and community and I love it! Their service offering and quality of instructing has been a huge area of growth for me as it was my first step into fitness instructing, and as a female owned & operated business, the values and vision of the business aligned with mine – it’s been the perfect fit! As someone who hated public speaking, this was the first time, voluntarily choosing to put myself out there, commanding a room, and teaching a method to people when at the time I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. The “fake it until you make it” mentality is definitely something I own, but when an opportunity presents itself to me and excites me, I’m going give it a go – even if it means putting myself outside of my comfort zone.

Then there is Perth Run Collective, an incredibly wholesome community-based, free and inclusive run group that has been going for nearly 9 years, of which I’ve been running with them for close on 8! Through my time as a member, I became close friends with the founder, Kat Ackroyd, a legacy lululemon Ambassador too. When relocating to the States for work, Kat asked me to come onboard as a Run Lead alongside the other Leads, and continue to grow and nurture the PRC community – and what an adventure it’s been! The group is diverse, offering 2 sessions a week – Track Tuesday and Sunday Social, tailored to anybody from a novice runner starting out to somebody looking to level up. Community and connection is at the forefront of what we stand for and everyone involved couldn’t represent this better!

Lastly, and most recently I stepped into supporting Her Trails (founded by Samantha Gash – another VERY inspiring woman!). A community that is female-founded and focussed, I started seeing their group trail runs and the incredible work they do to support their community over on the east coast. I love running, but trail running is my passion – and I knew I wanted to get something like that started in Perth. In October 2023, I came onboard as the Perth Her Trails Maven and started the fortnightly runs here. It is another complimentary, all-inclusive group that breaks down barriers for all women who have goals to start or keep moving and to give them a safe space to grow their confidence and create a local community that echoes the same unified passion countrywide. I feel like so many people need that and need to have somebody who’s just willing to reach out to them and support them in that way.

There are a lot of other new run groups that are popping up and it’s incredible to see the thirst and passion that Perth has for community and activity. As these connections in the industry continue to grow, we can bounce ideas off one another and support each other but still own what makes each group unique.

What is coming up in Perth and how do those who want to participate get involved?

It will depend on what your goals are and what you are interested in. Her Trails has started up for the year and runs fortnightly, every Saturday morning 7am from various locations. We have a WhatsApp group that participants can join to stay up to date and we also publish our runs across the Her Trails website and social media.

Perth Run Collective will be back from the end of January, picking back up with our Track Tuesday and Sunday Social sessions. Track Tuesdays are held 5.45pm from Subiaco Physiotherapy and focus on your speed-based work, but still inclusive of all levels. We have some fun, healthy competition for our more competitive runners and there are very experienced Run Leads to support all levels. Sunday Social is run from Clarko Reserve, Trigg at 7.30am through summer and 8am during winter season. It’s an easy effort with a couple of pace / distance groups on offer – traditionally finishing with a swim, coffee and a chat (we love to chat!!). We have a lot of people new to Perth that start here and within a few weeks have formed their own friendship groups. When I first moved to Perth, that was all I wanted and this is exactly what Perth Run Collective continues to do for others.

For those interested in group training classes – LA Fit, both the Subiaco and Highgate location will be running an Open Day on Sunday, 11 February in celebration of our 9th Birthday! There’ll be complimentary classes all day, a recovery zone, refreshments and a great opportunity to experience the studios’ service offering, the awesome community and to meet the instructors.

What is the best advice you have been given since beginning your health, fitness and wellness journey and what piece of advice would you give someone starting theirs?

It’s hard to isolate one impactful piece of advice that I’ve received because I’ve met different people through the years and they’ve all given me little nuggets of wisdom that have been meaningful. But I think one of the best of them was if you are passionate about something- maybe it’s a bit gutsy and maybe even a little bit irresponsible- just say yes. If it sparks a fire within you and you are excited, say yes. For me, this was when I stepped in as a lululemon ambassador. When I got the opportunity, I was immediately questioning, “Why me?”. I thought this was ridiculous, I’m not this person… I felt I was not phenomenal or excellent at any one thing to be able to be chosen. But then I focused on what I do feel good at, and that is empowering and inspiring while still being relatable!

Say yes. It will require dedication and consistency, but the universe is going to conspire to help you follow through on that if you have the passion and willingness to put in the work. I think that would be my hot tip that I would probably tell other people as my piece of advice; consistency trumps everything. You do not need to be the absolute best, you don’t need to be perfect, it’s not about that. If you can find that 1% every day to be consistent, that will start to add up. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing and there will definitely be waves of inconsistency – we wouldn’t be human if there weren’t. But if you can maintain that consistency to keep that trajectory tracking upwards towards your goals, even with the squiggles, you’ll be miles ahead (pardon the runner’s pun). So, say yes to that new opportunity or new goal… need help? Reach out – I’d be more than happy to help!