Tips To Create An Insta-Worthy Grazing Table

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Say sayonara to sushi platters, ta-ta to Turkish bread and so long to sausage rolls because Instagram has given rise to a catering trend that’s a heck of a lot more stylish than traditional finger food.

Rake in the likes online and in real life at your next dinner party or soiree with a gorgeous grazing table adorned with mouth-watering morsels.

Whether you’re feeding a small army or an intimate gathering, this photogenic alternative to canapés never fails to impress.

Cheese Louise grazing guru Kate Wilks says your pathway to the perfect platter begins with cheeses that you know and love.

“When you are catering for a crowd you want to select crowd pleasers – old faithfuls like brie, camembert and cheddar. Then throw in a wild card such as a spiced gouda; everyone is always surprised when they taste this flavour sensation.”

Fail safe fromages include King Island Seal Bay Triple Cream Brie, Tasmanian Heritage Camembert, The Margaret River Dairy Company Original Club Cheddar and Frico Gouda Cumin Wedge, all available at Woolworths.

Once you’ve selected cheeses to please, it’s time for the all important accompaniments.


“I look for items that compliment and enhance the flavours of the cheese,” Wilks revealed.

“With soft gooey cheeses such as brie, taleggio and camembert it’s a no-brainer to pair them with fresh honeycomb and a light cracker. However with blue cheese you need something to cut through the sharp flavour; slices of pear and muscatels are a great combination.”

To decorate, Wilks recommends creating levels with whatever you have at hand, whether that be cake stands or wooden cutting boards balanced atop a bowl.

Position your cheese then add interesting elements such as sprigs of herbs, paper bags or glass jars overflowing with dried fruits and nuts, plus fresh fruit (whole and sliced) nestled alongside crackers and crusty Italian bread.

“Your cheese board should be an adventure,” Wilks says. “Go to the effort to present it in a way that each area people explore and find something new.

“Loads of variety and height plus candles and your favourite silver or brass pieces will save the day.”

For more grazing table inspiration visit Cheese Louise’s Instagram.

Photo by Hannah Lawrance