Valentines Day Gifts For Every Stage In A Relationship

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Valentines Day shopping for your Other Half should be easy. Right?

You’re the one that knows them best, the one they go to for support, the one who puts up with their tendency to take 40 minutes to decide where to eat. In theory, gifting should be simple – but every year when February 14th draws near, we often have a complete blank on how to channel all that fondness into a singular gift.

If you don’t think another homemade “IOU one massage” voucher is going to cut it this year, don’t fret too much. We’ve mapped out the perfect Valentines Day gifts for all relationship stages – from first date jitters to the long-term married couple.

High School Sweethearts

Nothing sparks chemistry more than – well- a chemistry classroom. After locking eyes over the bunsen burner and blushing, you want to sneak something into their locker that says “I like you more than half days off school“. But while young love is burgeoning, your bank account is not. Keep your gift small, functional and a little bit fun.

From left: Pretty Marble Beauty Bag Set – Sportsgirl ($19.95); Campus Round Glasses – Jay Jays ($15)

Brand New Love Interest

Maybe you both swiped right on Tinder, maybe you had a flirty exchange at a dimly-lit bar; either way, you’re a few dates in, the awkwardness is subsiding and there’s a promise that this might just blossom into something more. An over-the-top gift may scream “I’m needy… and slightly desperate“, so settle on something that indicates that you are optimistic for the future but you’re not going to lock them in your basement. Try a cute clutch that hints at a late-night adventure on the town, or a cocktail handbook for a cosy night in.

From Left: Dusty Envelope Sling Bag – Sportsgirl ($39.95); Speakeasy: 200 underground cocktails – MYER ($29.95)

Few Months In

The golden honeymoon era. You’ve wooed the parents, their pantry is full of your favourite breakfast food and you’re so utterly smitten by everything they do. You’ve never thought a parallel park could be executed quite so beautifully, or that circular tooth-brushing movements could be so mesmerising. Impressing them is a must, so you don’t mind dropping a little bit of cash.

Clockwise from left: Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet – MYER ($85); RAY BAN RB3447N – SUNGLASS HUT ($230.00); Peter Lang Lemonade Clip On Crystal Earrings – MYER ($90.30); GAS Black and White Gaia Feather Earrings – MYER ($350); Gregory Ladner Stud with Drop of Curved Bar Earrings – MYER ($23)


The era just before the We-Adopted-A-Dog-Together stage. You’ve left your separate dwellings for a single pad & shared Netflix account. It goes without saying that a gadget or furnishing is the perfect gift. And the best part? You can buy something you love too! Splurge on an item that benefits the both of you in your shared space.

Bosphorus Quilt Cover –  Bed Bath N’ Table (from $129.95 Double Bed)

From left: Decorative Round Shelf – Bed Bath N’ Table ($59.95); Breville Dynamic Duo Espresso Maker & Coffee Grinder Pack – MYER ($1699); Beth Table Lamp – Bed Bath N’ Table ($129.95)

Giddy Newlyweds

You’ve just funded a wedding and (unless your last name is Murdoch, Kardashian or Packer) there’s a high chance you’re both a little cash strapped. Don’t rule out the two classic inexpensive gifts that never disappoint: chocolate & wine.

From left: Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon – BWS ($16); Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls Assorted 337g box – Woolworths ($20)

The I-Honestly-Cant-Remember-How-Long-We-Have-Been-Together Stage

When you think back to your early days of dating, shoulder pads, perms & roller disco were all featured. That could mean the 80s or it could mean a fancy dress party 10 years ago. Regardless of the actual length of time, it’s been a long ride and you’ve enjoyed their company. Chances are you’ve exhausted all your grand gift ideas over the years, so keep it sincere and personal. Share a memory with a favourite photograph or give them the ability to capture new ones with a camera.

From left: Vue Gallery 8 Pack Box Set Natural Oak – MYER ($99.95); SONY a5000 20.1MP Compact System Camera – MYER ($699)

Happy Valentines Day, Lovers and Dreamers!

Johanna Borger x