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Are you a victim of workout-apathy?

Workout apathy is a peculiar state of mind when you’re physically at the gym, but mentally in Timbuktu. Signs of this phenomenon include strolling at the lowest setting on the treadmill, having no idea how to operate 70% of the gym equipment and spending more time in rest sets than actually – you know – exercising.

There seems to be two answers to this dilemma – become someone who enjoys working out or exercise efficiently. Whichever route you decide to take, the way you approach achieving them is the same: step 1) determine what you actually want to get out of exercise, step 2) find a fitness class you enjoy. This way, you’ll not only meet goals quicker, but going to the gym wont feel like torture either!

Whatever your fitness goals are, there’s a Goodlife Health Club workout for you.

You Want A Hollywood-Worthy Physique

Try: Yoga, Pilates, Barre or CXWorx To Tone & Define

We’ve seen Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge and Joan Smalls indulge in late night McDonalds on Instagram, but how do they maintain those Victoria’s Secret abs, killer legs and toned arms? While my first thought is always some form of black magic and/or wizardry, it seems that the common route to a toned bod is some form of sculpting workout. Give yoga, pilates, barre or core training like CXWorx a whirl.

You’re Extremely Time-Poor

Try: A High Intensity Workout Like Body Combat, HIIT, RPM

If you’re after a one-stop shop for all your exercise needs, look no further than a high intensity workout. In the same league as F45 or Crossfit, these sorts of workouts have been long linked to the fitness elite – the people who sweat it out twice a day, use gym lingo like forced reps/isolation exercises/super sets, and wear nothing but Adidas. In reality, these sorts of workouts are actually fantastic for all levels of athletics. The high energy and intense pace of the classes gets results, and fast – which is perfect for all the time-poor people out there.

You Want To Be Stronger

Try: Building Muscle With RIP or Body Pump

If a 10km run is your idea of personal hell, strength training might be for you. First things first though: strength training isn’t just for body builders lifting barbells at the gym. It’s all about adding definition to your body to achieve a fitter look while simultaneously making you stronger. RIP and Body Pump are Goodlife Health Clubs two focused strength classes.

You Want To Lose Weight

Try: Getting Active With HIIT Or Body Attack

Exercise is essential for overall health and wellbeing, but when you’re trying to lose weight it becomes even more important. Generally, when you’re looking to shift unwanted weight, undertaking a mix of cardiovascular and weight training exercises for 40 mins, 3-5 times a week will do the job. However, it’s always important to note that even if you’re doing everything “right” – including regular exercise and eating appropriately – other factors can hinder your weight loss efforts. Sleeping cycles, stress levels, health conditions or injuries all make weight loss an extremely personal journey. If you’re unsure of what exercise routine is best for you, check first with your doctor.

You Want To Target a Problem Area

Try: Focused Workouts Like CXWorx, RPM or RIP

While full body workouts like HIIT or Body Attack are better for torching calories and overall endurance, focusing on one muscle group builds mass faster. If there’s a specific area on your body that needs some work, choosing a class that is tailored to optimise those muscles is a smart choice. Here are three workouts for common problem areas:

CXWorx – Hones straight in on your abs, glutes, back, obliques and slings. Your midsection will be crop-top worthy in no time

RPM – Intense cycling that will put you out of commission for a good 12 hours. #FeelTheBurn.

RIP – While this is a full-body workout, it also targets the muscle groups in the arms.


All information is general in nature. For more information, see the experts at Goodlife Health Club, Murray Street.