If the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the curtains. Frame your face and ensure you’re looking tip top with these eyebrow essentials.

Full Bodied Beauties

Speaking with Elle Magazine earlier this year, Benefit Cosmetics‘ national brow artist Hannah Mutze revealed that the top eyebrow style for 2018 revolves around texture and fullness.

To achieve this on-trend look, the beauty guru recommends the Precisely, My Brow Pencil to enhance and boost your natural assets.

A temporary, pain-free alternative to expensive eyebrow tattooing, this clever product is used to draw ultra fine strokes that replicate your existing eyebrow hair to make your brows look effortlessly thick and plump.

This waterproof wonder is best suited to women who aren’t blessed with substantial eyebrows as applying additional hair strokes to thick brows can result in a blocky, unnatural end result.




Another Benefit product designed to intensify the appearance of your brows is the Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Gel.

A volumising fiber gel with a wand applicator, this long-wearing product contains teeny tiny microfibers that build up the appearance of sparse brows. Brush through your brows sparingly or liberally until you’re content with the shape and texture.

Available in three shades – light, medium and deep – Gimme Brow+ will amplify your brows without them looking overworked.

If you’re unsure which Benefit product is best for you, drop past the Benefit counter in store at Myer Forrest Chase today.



Brushed Brows

The easiest and most affordable way to enhance the fullness of your brows requires an implement you won’t find in the makeup aisle… Bypass the beauty section and head straight for the dental health shelf at Woolworths for an easy-to-use applicator that offers instant results.

While you could invest in an eyebrow brush to create extra texture and dimension, a toothbrush, when wielded correctly, can yield the same results. Give your toothbrush a quick spritz with hairspray then brush your brows upwards towards your hairline. You’ll notice your brows look terrifically textured in just a few quick strokes.

Picture credit: Beauty Jubilee




If you don’t have time to pick and mix your beauty products from a number of brands, fear not because Aussie beauty icon Napoleon Perdis has done the hard work for you with his carefully curated Couture Brow Kit.

A portable, purse-friendly palette featuring tweezers, a double ended brow brush, brow wax and two powders, the Couture Brow Kit is perfect for eyebrow TLC on the go.

For a bold brow Napoleon recommends using the wax before applying the powder to intensify the pigment which results in a darker brow appearance.

Add texture with the brow brush, stroking the hairs in an upwards and outwards direction.