With over 40 unique coffee blends on offer at Nespresso’s new state-of-the-art Forrest Chase store, choosing the perfect pod can be a daunting process.

To help you hone in on a heavenly brew that’s right for you we’ve devised a quiz that pairs your personality to a pod.

Simply answer the questions below to discover which flavoursome Nespresso pod befits your character traits…

Your signature fragrance is…

A) Sweet & fruity

B) Floral & feminine

C) Exotic & spicy

D) Woody & earthy

When reaching for an afternoon snack you’re most likely to select…

A) A Scotch Finger or two

B) A punnet of berries

C) Dark chocolate

D) A handful of nuts

Sunday afternoons are best spent…

A) Baking up a storm

B) Watching the latest rom com followed by a shopping expedition with pals

C) Curled up on the couch reading a book

D) Getting back to nature

Your personal style is best described as…

A) Timeless

B) Ladylike

C) Sophisticated

D) Easygoing

Your #travelgoals include…

A) Shopping in Paris

B) Photographing the splendour of cherry blossom season in Japan

C) A yoga retreat in Jaipur

D) All of the adventure sports New Zealand has to offer

The perfect date night…

A) Attending the opening of the latest opera or ballet

B) A candlelit dinner for two

C) A foreign film followed by a late dinner at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant

D) An impromptu picnic under the twinkling night sky

Mostly As: Voltesso

In a world full of trends you’re all about the classics. Architecture, fashion, film, music and literature – you appreciate the finer things in life, particularly when they’re brimming with old world charm.

While your friends may daydream about sun soaked getaways to tropical climes, you would much prefer a sophisticated European vacay to indulge your passion for art galleries, museums and destinations of historical significance.

Much like the fine wines you collect, you appreciate a coffee that’s balanced and smooth.

Mostly Bs: Aflorazio

Whether it’s a lavish bouquet of pink peonies or a stem of bougainvillea blooms cheekily plucked from your neighbour’s yard, your house just doesn’t feel like a home unless there’s a vase full of blooms on the kitchen bench.

From flowers to frocks, you’re a lover of all things ladylike and when it comes to your morning coffee – sipped with enjoyment before you step into the bathroom to apply flawless winged eyeliner – you appreciate a classic blend with just a hint of sweetness.

Mostly Cs: Alto Intenso

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy books and to you, that’s basically the same thing.

When you’re not worlds away in the pages of the latest literary sensation you enjoy catching up with friends to discuss the kind of topics most ‘polite’ people avoid.

Similar to your penchant for high brow conversation topics, you desire a coffee that’s bold and complex, which is why Alto Intenso suits you to a tee.

Mostly Ds: Hazelino

When the concrete jungle calls you don’t stop to listen because the lure of the great outdoors is too compelling to ignore.

An adrenalin-seeker with a thirst for adventure sports, you love any activity that gets your pulse racing and beckons you to step off the beaten track.

Ahead of a big day climbing mountains and chasing waterfalls, the refreshing nutty aroma and praline notes of Hazelino is just the thing to prime your senses for mother nature’s embrace.

Once you’ve picked your pod put your selection to the ultimate test with a complimentary tasting at Nespresso Forrest Chase.

Visit today and speak to the friendly Nespresso Coffee Specialists to find out about the origins and flavour profiles of your favourite (and soon-to-be-favourite) blends. These coffee aficionados are also on hand to demonstrate Nespresso’s suite of easy-to-use accessories and show you how to recycle your used pods.

So, what are you waiting for? …the perfect cup of coffee awaits!