Let’s face it Perth – we don’t consider the CBD to be a foodie paradise.

When we crave a trendy fusion bar or inventive international eats, our first thoughts are the graffitied streets of Mt Lawley, Fremantle or Northbridge. The only issue however, is that for those of us working away 9-5 in the inner city, walking great distances for a meal evokes a low groan. An hour lunch break is short enough without 30 minutes of commuting.

To invigorate the taste buds of the cities hard workers, we’ve mapped out some incredible food offerings close by – from indulgent 3 course meals to diet-friendly takeaway.

Easy Office Take-Away

Got a finance report due on your boss’s desk by 5pm that is only 20% completed? Grab something that will give you the pick-me-up you need without undoing all the work of those grueling gym sessions. Shimizu Donabe & Bento is a tasty little spot serving up quintessential Japanese dishes; from satisfying sushi to slurp-able udon noodles. Not only will you refuel your mind for the afternoon grind, but you won’t wake the next morning feeling like you need to add another boxing session to your exercise regime.

Where to eat when you work in Perth City

Simple Cafe Cravings

There are two types of people you should be careful to trust in this world: people who don’t like puppies & people who don’t drink coffee.

When you have a big day ahead of you (or a demanding afternoon), pop into Bocelli’s Espresso located in Forrest Place, for a freshly brewed cup of life’s sweet nectar – caffeine. And if you feel like your coffee is a little lonesome, browse a selection of classic cakes & pastries to make your day that little bit sweeter.

Where to eat when you work in Perth City

Sticking to That Budget

Saving up for a new car, well-needed holiday or just that pesky phone bill, often means subtracting out $15 lunches from your budget. Eatery visits may be reduced, but your taste buds don’t need to suffer. Get creative on your lunch break by picking up some ingredients from Woolworths and experimenting with gourmet concoctions. Amazing things can happen when you add hommus to – well – pretty much anything.

Where to eat when you work in Perth City

Decadent Days

When you are ready to kick the fast food movement to the curb, slow it down and step inside Petition Kitchen on the corner of St Georges Terrace and Barrack Street, and just a hop-skip-and-jump from Forrest Chase. Here, every detail of the dish is carefully thought-out and executed; right down to the last pine nut sprinkled upon free range chicken, warrigal greens and tahini yoghurt. Pricier than your usual go-to food outlet, Petition might not be the place you make your regular, but if you find yourself time-rich and in dire need for a splurge, dive on in.

Where to eat when you work in Perth City

Image: Petition 

Indie Eats

At La Veen Kitchen, you’ll find it difficult to pinpoint whether your mellowed outlook on the work day is the result of truffle-infused avocado smash or the cosy atmosphere of the heritage listed building. A hipster cafe minus the hipster folk – you’ll find inventive, insta-worthy meals without overhearing a conversation on the merits of organic beard oil.

Where to eat when you work in Perth City

Image: La Veen Coffee and Kitchen

A little of everything

If you love dishes you can’t pronounce and flavours you won’t find in your domestic spice jar, the Twilight Hawkers Market might just be your new favourite hang. Held every Friday night October through April, celebrate the end of the work day by browsing a delightful maze of international street food stalls and merchants. Visit Persia, Bangkok, Morocco & the streets of NYC without worrying about exchange rates, travel insurance or nauseating plane food.

Where to eat when you work in Perth City

Image: Twilight Hawkers Market

Johanna Borger x