With the advent of spring, a bouquet of fresh fragrances have hit the shiny beauty cabinets of Myer Forrest Chase.

From Gucci to Dior and YSL, the world’s top brands have released their latest scents for men and women and the choice is spectacular. Not sure where to start? When shopping for a signature scent, the tried and true tradition of smelling coffee beans between EDPs really does help, so bring a small container with you if you are serious about finding the perfect aroma.

When you have narrowed your choice down, spray the fragrance directly onto your skin and let it settle, as different notes will react to your natural smell. Then let your intuition guide you to the perfect fit.

Here are some of our favourite new perfumes and colognes, all available at Myer Forrest Chase

1. Dolce & Gabbana The Only One EDP, from $90.

Capturing the essence of hypnotising femininity, this scent opens with violet and bergamot. Rich coffee and iris lay at the heart, while a base of vanilla and patchouli add a subtle sense of comfort.

2. Elizabeth Arden My Fifth Avenue EDP, from $60.

New York City’s Fifth Avenue is world renowned for its sense of energy, culture and class, and this perfume embodies just that, with citrus, musk and wood notes.

3. Gucci Bloom EDP, from $110.

Bloom represents Gucci creative director Alessandro Micheles’ first fragrance for the brand and has been envisioned as a thriving garden of flowers. Tuberose, jasmine and the mysterious Rangoon Creeper are key notes.

4. Michael Kors Wonderlust EDP, from $125.

What do you get when you combine spicy pink pepper with creamy almond milk? A scent is a modern expression of intimacy.

5. Jo Malone London Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne, from $98.

Jo Malone is known for its true-to-nature scents and this one is no different. Imagine wild honeysuckle twisting through the English countryside, and you get this warm fragrance.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Y EDP, from $120.

One for the men, this fragrance is the aromatic equivalent of the classic white shirt and black blazer combo. Deep, fresh and masculine, it combines aromatic, spicy and woody notes.

7. Dior JOY EDP, from $99.

The creators of this scent aimed to capture joy in a bottle; a sensory ode to pleasure and happiness. The resulting blend is multifaceted, underpinned by flowers, citrus fruits, woods and musks.

8. Guerlain Mon Guerlain EDT, from $132.

Created as a hymn to life, this cheerful fragrance invites its wearers to be bold and confident. With sambac jasmine and carla lavender, it’s a citrusy oriental scent that speaks of freedom and sensuality.