If the prospect of working out on your own sounds as appealing as staying late at the office on a Friday night, a group fitness class might be just the thing you need to get moving.

A fun alternative to running kms on a treadmill while staring into space, group workouts help you stay motivated for longer. And let’s face it, we could all use a boost of motivation to get up and at ‘em after hibernating on the couch during winter.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to try something different or a dedicated gym junkie seeking a new challenge, Goodlife’s group fitness timetable offers something for everyone.

Body Balance

Blending Tai Chi, pilates and yoga, Body Balance works your muscles while relaxing your mind. If getting your zen on to the sound of whale calls and wind chimes isn’t your vibe, fear not because Body Balance combines calming choreography with fun pop music. Think Solange and sun salutations or Madonna and mermaid stretches.

Suitable for all ages and all fitness levels, with instructors demonstrating easy, medium and hard options for each move, Body Balance is a refreshing alternative to high impact and fast paced cardio-based classes.

Each session ends with a 10 minute relaxation routine to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and ready to face the world.

Body Pump

One of the most popular group fitness options offered at GoodLife, a 60 minute Body Pump class will burn 540 calories while activating muscles in your body you didn’t even know you had. Grab some weights and follow the instructor as they guide you through high repetition moves designed to smash calories and increase core strength.

Newcomers to Body Pump are welcome to try “Smart Start” – a program where you can come for the first four tracks then leave, increasing the number of tracks you stay for as your fitness levels improve. Your muscles will thank you for not going too hard, too fast!


Short, sweet and definitely sweaty, Pace delivers 30 minutes of high intensity, fat burning fun. The fastest way to meet your fitness goals without committing to a 60 minute class, Pace takes indoor cycling to new speeds to a soundtrack of top 40 hits.

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t like having to follow complicated choreography but still craves the camaraderie of group fitness, the format of this class allows participants to go at their own pace, so nobody feels like they’re being left behind.


Inspired by ballet, with elements of yoga and pilates thrown in for good measure, Barre is the best way to develop a lean dancer’s physique short of regularly stepping foot in a dance studio. Bend, stretch, bounce and arabesque your way to a leaner look with 45 minutes of dance inspired moves.

Barre is ideal for people who want to tone up rather than slim down, and is a great way to improve coordination and flexibility while activating the core, legs and glutes (aka your booty).