Whether you are moving into your first apartment or your fifth, deciding how to decorate it is an exciting, but daunting, process.

You may already own a collection of furniture and home decor, but likely there are now other things you will require for your new digs to function efficiently.  You are then faced with the challenge of pulling it all together into something cohesive and stylish that you will love to come home to.

It’s the little things that help pull a new interior together. When it comes to understated elegance and chic, the devil is in the detail.

Throw Cushions are an easy way to pack a luxe punch, whether they are scattered on the bed or sofa.

A jolt of colour instantly adds focus to a monochromatic colour palette. Think texture and rich colour, tossing cushy versions around in suede and velvet, in rich hues like chocolate and burgundy, and punctuate with beautiful jewel tones like fuchsia.

Kas Barro cushion, $59.95, Heritage burgundy cushion, $49.95, and AH&G suede cushion, $99.95, all from Myer, Forrest Chase.

Candlelight creates instant ambience.

Scatter tea lights liberally throughout the space, encased in exotically coloured glass holders. Mix up their colours or work different shades of the one hue then intersperse with white orchids and lush foliage. Truly transformative and easy-peasy.

Iittala grey votive, $24.95, Villeroy & Boch yellow DeLight holder, $19.95, Iittala green votive, $24.95, and Darren Palmer blue votive, $14.95, all from Myer at Forrest Chase.


Little touches are what bring a home to life.

Eclectic accessories fill a room beautifully and provide interest and intrigue, whether they hold up a row of books, mass together on a dresser, or perch prettily on a shelf. Add fresh flowers to bring your styling to life.

Heritage Phalaenopsis, $99.95, Iittala bird, $245, Heritage blown glass pear, $34.95, Darren Palmer blue agate sculpture, $79.95, all from Myer at Forrest Chase.

Stylish and functional furnishings arranged thoughtfully can give a space the kick it needs. 

A living area benefits from airy, low-profile furniture in a neutral palette with a hit of rich colour (we love teal right now). There are no rules for arranging furniture – it usually takes a few tries until you find a set-up that feels right for you.
Vue Ester leather sofa, $3299, floor rug, $399 and nest tables, $349, all from Myer at Forrest Chase.