You’ve updated your wardrobe for winter – but what about your home?

Unless you are a serial jetsetter (or health fanatic who’s always at the gym), your home is the space your spend most of your time in. So it makes sense you’d take time to consider the style of your abode just as closely as you would your wardrobe.

Pinterest is the usual go-to for winter home decorating tips, but in my experience, the relationship is more ‘frenemy’ than ‘caring friend’. Enter a few words into the search bar and you are bombarded with page-upon-page of home styling inspiration. Some images are relevant; but most aren’t. (A wall of glued-on pennies? Who has time for that?!)

Avoid search overload and add maximum winter comfort to your home with a few simple additions to different zones. Upgrading a room can be as simple as a new textured throw or fun pillow – and we promise no laborious pinterest DIY or reno is required.

Is Your Home Prepared For Winter? Winter Essentials for the Home.

If your trusty sofa throw is looking a little worse for wear, a new one can add instant warmth and style to your lounge room. Choose a tone that compliments your colour scheme, or opt for a neutral theme for complete versatility. If you want something to last a few years, try a classic crochet style or chunky knit that will stay on trend for many seasons to come.

Perfectly happy with the comfy throw gran knitted? (especially as it smells like freshly baked cookies and lavender?) Style-up your home with some new pillows instead. The merits of a fun pillow hardly needs to be explained – we guarantee the kids will be fighting over Vue’s blue faux fur pillow at the next family movie night. Just make sure to clarify with the household that you always get first snuggling dibs.

Ruffle Chenille Throw by Morgan & Finch – Bed Bath N’ Table ($79.95); Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater in Black – MYER ($599); Vue Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion – MYER ($39.95); Grand Designs Small Clive Oblong Cushion – MYER ($179.95)

Is Your Home Prepared For Winter? Winter Essentials for the Home.

Summer and Autumn may have the gastronomical events of Christmas and Easter, but June and July are pretty much their own continuous food holiday. Plus, the best part about winter cooking is the ability to chuck all your ingredients into one casserole dish for something that is equally delicious and easy.

And if one-pot wonders aren’t enough, it’s also soup season. Pumpkin, tomato, chicken noodle – it doesn’t matter what kind you whip up, just make sure you consume it in the ideal soup location. On the couch, rugged up, in Sportsgirl’s Hug in a Mug cup. Oh, and don’t forget the crusty bread!

Le Creuset Heritage 26cm Rectangular Dish – MYER ($79); Salt & Pepper Canteen Glass Tea Pot 1L – MYER ($49.95); Hug In a Mug Soup Cup – Sportsgirl ($16.96)

Is Your Home Prepared For Winter? Winter Essentials for the Home.

The idea of climbing under cold blankets on a cold night sends shivers down my spine (both figuratively and literally). If you lack a cuddly pet to pre-warm your bed, bite the bullet and grab yourself an electric blanket. After all, you know you’ve been meaning to get one for years.

Any sophisticated dweller will recognise the importance of candles too. This violet leaf, lemon balm & basil infusion by Smith & Co not only hits the nail with calming fragrance, but adds a touch of Mt-Lawley-Hipster-Cool to your winter home with it’s beaker jar. Now, that’s definitely worth it’s weight in almond milk, extra shot, 65 degrees long macchiatos.

Smith & Co Candle 260 Beaker  – MYER ($29.95); Sunbeam Feel Perfect cosy Sherpa Fleece Heated Throw – MYER ($89.95); Luca Quilt Cover – Bed Bath N’ Table (King – $129.95)

Is Your Home Prepared For Winter? Winter Essentials for the Home.

If the patio is the space for summer, the bathroom is winter’s designated spot. A good book, cup of tea & bubble bath is the adult equivalent of nap-time. With Ecostore’s coconut & vanilla body wash you can keep your conscious just as squeaky-clean as your skin.

Ecostore Body Wash Coconut & Vanilla 400ml – Woolworths ($7.50); Copper Soho Bath Caddy – Bed Bath N’ Table ($39.95); Pukka Cleanse Tea – Health Kick ($7.95)

Johanna Borger x