It was Marie-Antoinette who famously said, “Let them eat cake”. And we think the French queen would definitely approve of the latest dessert trend taking social media in a storm of sugar.

Adorned with rosettes, macarons, meringues, berries and fresh flowers, cream tarts are as pretty as a picture – it’s almost as if they come straight from a candy-infused dream. But despite how intricate they look, they are surprisingly easy to create at home. Impress your friends by whipping one up for your next special event, whether it’s a milestone birthday, baby shower or romantic occasion. All of the ingredients you need are available at Woolworths Forrest Chase.


  1. Start with the base. The most popular cream tarts are in the shape of hearts or numbers, so use a cookie cutter or create your own template with baking paper to get your desired look. Make your own biscuit dough or take a shortcut and use pre-made frozen pastry – just be sure to cut out several matching layers to get that stacked look. You could also achieve the same look with a sponge cake baked in a heart-shaped tin.
  2. Using a piping bag, puff rosettes of cream on the bottom layer. Try flavouring your cream with vanilla, use food colouring for a hint of pink or break up frozen raspberries and sprinkle through for an added zing. Take time to fully cover the surface, but don’t fret if you make a mistake when piping because it’s easy enough to disguise.
  3. Repeat with as many layers as you like. The magic number for pastry seems to be two to three layers, but with cakes you can get away with stacking even higher. The beauty of this type of dessert is you can play around with it to get an Insta-worthy look. When you reach the top layer, pipe carefully with cream.
  4. Now it’s time to decorate! We suggest having a variety of toppings handy to mix and match, sticking to a colour theme to tie it all together. Some ideas include macarons, meringues, strawberries, sprinkles, tiny cookies, flowers and caramel popcorn. Place the toppings in random order, taking care to preserve the perfectly piped cream underneath whilst creating a subtle sense of balance. You’ll be surprised how quickly it all takes shape.

It’s that easy! The only problem is, the tarts look so delightful that cutting them up to serve almost feels like a crime. One bite in, though, and all the work will be so worth it.