Perth City

If you’re visiting Western Australia, there’s no better way to be introduced to the beautiful city of Perth than starting your journey at the iconic Forrest Place. For thousands of locals, Forrest Chase is the start and the end of their Perth journey every day. More than a destination in its own right, the Chase frames and defines for many the experience of moving through the city. For commuters, tourists and passers-by, Forrest Chase is a chance to expect more, and add a transcendent moment to the everyday.

More convenience for visitors.

Forrest Chase is easy to get to from all public transport and taxi routes, including the free CAT buses, train station and ferries. You can find more ways to arrive in style on our FIND page. There’s also convenient restrooms available to shoppers in the Myer store, and plenty of retail and food options to keep you going during the day.

Whether you’re planning to visit Perth now or in the future, you should always expect more to discover at Forrest Chase.