The transformation of Forrest Chase is well underway and this unparalleled lifestyle, food and shopping destination is starting to take shape.  During the construction period, ISPT, the owners of Forrest Chase are committed to minimising disturbance to residents, commuters, businesses and traffic in the area.

For any concerns relating to construction, please contact Lendlease Construction on 1800 607 484.  This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The below retailers will remain open throughout the redevelopment:


Temporary Stairs and Bridge

ISPT are committed to maintaining safe and open access for commuters and pedestrians at all times.

Between mid-July and November 2018, during the period of demolition and reconstruction of the Forrest Chase tower and Carillon City airbridge, a temporary bridge and stairs are being constructed to the east of the existing structure.  During the hours of 5am – 10.30pm, the bridge will provide passage to Carillon City from Padbury Walk south and to the temporary stairs which will provide access the Murray Street Mall.

Lift access from both ground and Level 1 is available in Carillon City.



Bridge Clearance Murray Street Mall

As part of the redevelopment, the Carillon City bridge will soon be demolished and replaced by a brand new structure.  To ensure public safety at all times, these works will require the installation of a gantry to the underside of the existing bridge.  As a result, the clearance height will be reduced from 4.1m to 3.7m during the bridge construction period, between approximately July to November 2018.  Lendlease Construction will ensure new height bar and signage are installed to alert drivers.