Inventive leftover turkey meals have stopped, the tinseled tree has been taken down, wine bottles have been put in recycling. The festive season has finally come to a close, and with it the sobering reminder that 2017 is well and truly here.

Chances are, you didn’t achieve your 2016 New Year’s resolutions. No, I promise I didn’t snoop in your diary; research just shows only 8% of ambitious resolution-ers follow through with their January 1st plans. And this year, with a little help from Forrest Chase, you are going to be one of those elite few.

When engaging in a weight loss journey, health professionals advise swapping bad goals for more achievable ones. We’ve applied the same method of thinking to 2017 – breaking down slightly ambitious resolutions to smaller goals that are more easily incorporated into your life.


Make a list of all the areas in your home that need a visit from the TLC/ organisation parade. Don’t just think big though, think minuscule. Pantries, laundries, linen cupboards, coffee table drawers – all those little spaces you told yourself you’d clean up right after you got back from the shops/ the school run/ holidays/ the Mariana Trench. Allocate one little space per week, and then work up to the larger rooms.

The end result: an organised & clutter-free home.

From left: Homespace by Darren Palmer (hardback) – MYER $39.99; Coastal Cross Over Hamper – MYER $79.95; Vintage Laundry Box – Bed Bath N’ Table $39.95 


Aiming straight out for a six-pack is a recipe for disaster; the fact that you’ve set this goal for 5 consecutive years and still find yourself sadly ab-less is the proof.

Swap lofty fitness goals for more achievable strives. Wherever you fit in the world of exercise (from the Tennis-Pro Toned to the ‘Spin classes involve dancing, right?’) make sure your goals are SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Bound. Instead of ‘I will loose weight‘ try ‘I will lose 3 kilos by the end of the month‘. Not only will your goals become more attainable, but they’ll seem a lot less daunting (and those allusive abs will be closer than ever!).

For the busy city workers – don’t let office location curb your fitness goals. Goodlife Health Club has a wide range of classes covering yoga, pilates, personal training, weights, spin and more. Even the self-confessed exercise allergic will find a class to invigorate their day.

New Year's resolutions


Your appearance helps shape the way people perceive you, so how do you want to be seen in 2017? Are you cutting-edge, or a sophisticated traditionalist? Does your wardrobe scream 1960’s Bohemia, or glamour rivaling the Golden Globes?

If you are at the point where:

a) the mere idea of clearing out your wardrobe induces a mild panic attack

b) half of your clothes haven’t seen the light of day since Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced

c) all of the above,  a wardrobe reboot is in dire need.

The first step is to sort & organise the things you wear from the things you don’t. Be brutal; though it may look nice, it might be a space-waster. Yes, we are talking about that rhinestone (circa 2007) blouse.

A tip we learnt from the very fabulous Style by Yellow Button founder – Clare Fabb was, The ‘hanger wardrobe cleanse’, this involves sorting your wardrobe hangers to face the same way. Each time you wear an outfit, replace it back in your wardrobe but change the hanger to the opposite direction. Within 3 months, you will notice the clothes you wear, and the ones you don’t.

The third step involves only buying items you really love, fit well & will last the distance in 2017. At the end of the year, you will be left with a fully-stocked wardrobe of clothes you not only like, but actually wear. Invest in classic transeasonal pieces & everyday essentials, like a good blazer, sturdy pair of jeans & striking (yet sensible) office wear.

From left: Lightweight Longline Cardi – Sportsgirl $89.95; Painted Floral Zip Front Dress – Cue $269; 511 Slim Fit Chino – Levi’s $89.95


Chances are, you’re not ready to completely re-haul your Instagram to a #Wellness and #Nourishment healthspo blog. Mainly because sugar and carbs taste pretty damn good, but also because you enjoy snapping pictures of hearty brunches too much. #Delish

Instead of ditching the chocolate and existing solely on green smoothies, find ways to slowly bring healthy living into your everyday routine. Replace indulgent (and often expensive) nights out with healthier homemade meals with fresh ingredients, and high-calorie snacks with fruit or veggies.

For more tips on how to kick start healthy eating & living, see Woolworth’s recipe folder or visit in-store at Health Kick where the wise wellness gurus reside. And don’t worry, they don’t talk in #Healthspo Hashtags

New Year's resolutions

Johanna Borger x