Whether you feel most at ease in a flock of foodies, crammed into a massive mosh-pit or lost in a crowd of creatives, there’s no denying the buzz that comes from being surrounded by people who share your passion.

From Coachella to Sundance, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and even a five day celebration of chocolate, there’s a festival catering to every hobby and craze.

music festival


What started as a humble celebration of blues organised by a music-loving dairy farmer in 1970 is now a whopper of a festival, accommodating close to 200,000 ticket holders across 900 sprawling acres in the small parish of Pilton, Somerset.

A magnet for fans of pop, rock and every genre in between, with former headliners ranging from David Bowie to Coldplay, Glastonbury is considered the world’s most legendary music festival and with good reason.

It’s also one of the world’s muddiest, thanks to fields of grass that quickly transform into pits of mud… so don’t forget to pack your gumboots!

film festival


Utah’s chilly winter weather isn’t enough to deter devoted cinephiles from attending the Sundance Film Festival. A symposium for writers, directors, producers, actors and critics, Sundance has kickstarted countless careers, which makes it a must-visit for movie buffs.

A launchpad for the latest independent features, shorts and documentaries, Sundance also boasts a comprehensive off-screen program that includes panel discussions, live music, exhibitions and performance events.

Don’t forget your selfie stick because you never know which Hollywood stars you may encounter!

fringe festival

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

So you think Perth’s Fringe World is bigger than Ben-Hur? Wait until you get a load of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Spanning 24 days and taking in over 300 venues, Edinburgh makes Fringe World seem positively petite in comparison.

From comedy to cabaret, ‘The Fringe’ has it all, so it should come as no surprise that this behemoth of a festival attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to Scotland’s historic capital every year.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is particularly popular with the comedy elite, so if you’re looking to have your funny bone tickled, this is the place to do it.



Thick base, thin crust, with or without pineapple. However you like it, every craving is catered for at Pizzafest.

Held in Naples – the traditional birthplace of pizza – Pizzafest is one of Europe’s largest festivals, attracting top chefs plus 30,000 hungry diners to southern Italy every September.

In addition to offering foodies the chance to sample the finest slices the world has to offer, Pizzafest also dishes up a series of workshops so that you can learn how to make the perfect pie at home. Buon appetito!

chocolate festival

Salon du Chocolat

The closest you’ll ever come to taking a stroll through Willy Wonka’s famed chocolate factory, Paris’ Salon du Chocolat is every sweet tooth’s dream come true!

The world’s largest event dedicated to chocolate and cocoa, this sumptuous soiree brings together chocolatiers from every corner of the globe with a program that traverses everything from chocolate fashion shows to chocolate sculptures, plus plenty of talks and tastings.

Be sure to arrive with ample appetite and don’t forget to wear something with an elasticated waistband!



“Live today, love tomorrow, unite forever” is the motto of Belgium’s Tomorrowland – a festival that champions great music and good vibes in an eco-friendly environment.

Voted the world’s #1 festival by readers of DJMag, Tomorrowland attracts the biggest names in EDM to Boom, a small town between Antwerp and Brussels, for two weekends packed with fun, frivolity and fist pumping.

Beyond the music, Tomorrowland is focused on community, with organisers setting out to create a warm and welcoming environment conducive to making new connections.