Fresh sushi, perfect for lunch or a snack.

Ground Floor
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Monday to Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Sushi Sushi

Sushi Sushi believe in food that takes years to master, hours to prepare but just seconds to devour. 20 years ago, starting as one small fish store in Melbourne, Sushi Sushi realised that fresh, quality Japanese food was only available in the rare and expensive restaurants. With the ambition to make restaurant quality Japanese food more accessible, Sushi Sushi was born.

Today, they have over 130 stores across Australia and every day they serve fresh, premium sushi crafted by highly skilled artisans to hundreds of customers looking for a quick, healthy, convenient and delicious lunch or snack.

As Australia’s favourite sushi, they have access to the best ingredients around the world and have been uncompromising on quality, freshness and taste of every ingredient, from the vinegar that gives their Koshihikari rice its delicious taste, to the sustainably farmed Tasmanian Salmon.  What also sets them apart from other Sushi stores is that they only have highly skilled artisans prepare our Sushi who have, after years of training, mastered the traditional Japanese skills.

All of their Sushi is made fresh daily, so head in and taste the difference. Visit the Forrest Chase store today!


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