Strong is the new sexy. This is the fitness mantra of the moment, and a welcome change from punishing health trends of the past.

Now, it’s all about being vital, energetic and powerful – with far more focus based on how we feel, rather than how we look. Fitness options with a focus on toning up and targeting specific muscle groups are proving more popular than ever. Time is of the essence, so workouts that involve bursts of activity and strength-building movements are just the ticket to improving overall wellness as summer draws closer.

We highlight three classes to give a go at Goodlife, paired with sleek activewear from Myer for a sports-luxe touch.


An abbreviation for high intensity interval training, HIIT involves short periods of work and rest with the aim of burning more fat. These bursts can be challenging, but are over quickly, and are designed to get every muscle pumping in unison. A full body workout, HIIT helps burn calories even during the recovery blocks and is ideal for conditioning and toning.


A strong core gives support throughout our day-to-day life, so it makes sense there is a dedicated class to working this section of the body. CXWorx zeroes in on the abs, glutes, back, obliques and slings and combines a series of functional movements that test these muscle groups. Benefits of this workout include improved posture, increased balance and extended mobility.


A tried and true favourite, boxing remains one of the best exercises out. Not only does it challenge the whole body and boost fitness levels, but it has the added advantage of upping self-defence skills and coordination. Rapid movements enhance the core, while arm muscles are put to the test and blood gets pumping from the cardio boost. Boxing is also a powerful form of stress relief.

Once you’ve selected the perfect class for your fitness goals, get ready to sweat in style with active apparel available at Myer.

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