There’s nothing quite like a scorching Perth summer to put your skincare regime to the test! Between seemingly endless heat waves, dry easterlies and the occasional hit of humidity, summertime is brutal on skin.

It doesn’t matter whether you spend your days off on the beach or curled up on the couch binge watching Tidying Up on Netflix (followed, of course, by a week contemplating whether your possessions ‘spark joy’), there’s no escaping the damaging and dehydrating effects of daily exposure to the sun and air conditioning.

The key to keeping your complexion looking clean, bright and beautiful throughout these trying months is exfoliation followed by rehydration. Think of it as spring summer cleaning for your face – Marie Kondo would definitely approve!

Kick start the process with one of the many exfoliants and scrubs available at Mecca Forrest Chase.

Prone to sensitive skin? Steer clear of heavy duty exfoliants and opt instead for products specifically formulated for your delicate dermis.

Dermalogica’s aloe vera infused Gentle Cream Exfoliant is ideal. A cruelty-free, vegan friendly product, the Gentle Cream Exfoliant can be used twice weekly to help polish, refine and clarify dull skin. Bonus: it won’t leave your mug feeling like it’s been rubbed raw with sandpaper.

If your face feels drier than a Jatz cracker and more leathery than an old pair of boots, a more dramatic approach to exfoliation may be needed.

Kate Sommerville’s ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is one of Mecca’s best-sellers and with good reason. Formulated with salicylic and lactic acid to strip away dead skin cells and minimise the appearance of pores, this award-winning exfoliator works wonders in just two minutes.

Once you’ve eliminated the bad stuff, it’s time to put the good stuff back in.

Get going with a quick spritz of the Moisture Surge Face Spray by Clinique. Available at Myer, this purse-friendly product rapidly restores hydration to the areas of the face and neck that need it most. Perfect for use first thing in the morning before makeup application, as well as at the office or while in transit.

For an added hit of hydration when the temperature really starts to soar, store your Moisture Surge in the refrigerator – one ice-cold spray is all you’ll need to chill out at the end of a long, hot day.

For longer lasting results, Kielh’s Ultra Facial Cream (also available at Myer) is a lifesaver. A lightweight and non greasy product that works around the clock, Ultra Facial only needs to be applied once a day which makes it ideal for anyone too lazy busy for a labour intensive skincare regime.

Whatever your skin craves, you’ll find the perfect product to freshen up your face this summer at Mecca and Myer Forrest Chase.

Featured image: Kate Somerville Skincare