Creating that picture-perfect party for your little one is more on-trend than ever, thanks to social media.

From unicorns to mermaids, woodlands to confetti – our Instagram feeds are inundated with stunning children’s soirees that look like they could have leapt from the pages of a magazine. Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to craft a special bash for your youngster’s big day, just follow a few simple steps and visit Myer and Woolworths Forrest Chase for a helping hand…

It begins with a theme
Credit: Meri Meri

Choosing a theme will help focus your creativity and allow you to stick to a central idea. Some fun suggestions would be to do a play on your child’s age, such as one-derland or two-tti fruity, or look to their favourite toy, book or TV show for inspiration. Keep it simple by sticking to a colour palette, such as monochrome or gold, or choose a shape like a star or heart and go nuts.

Gather supplies

With a theme in mind, head to Myer and Woolworths Forrest Chase and collect everything you might need to set up your space.

Myer stocks adorable party wares brand Meri Meri, which releases themed collections of invitations, napkins, paper plates, cupcake toppers and garlands.

Woolworths’ party section has expanded significantly in recent years, going far beyond paper plates to offer an assortment of party favours like glitter bouncy balls, novelty glasses and bubble blowers, balloons in an array of vibrant hues and even costume accessories.

Food glorious food
Credit: Meri Meri

Grazing tables are all the range right now and can work into any theme with the use of colour and texture. Look to the shelves of Woolworths for a bounty of ingredients ready to go, from donuts to caramel popcorn, pre-cut veggies, cheese, cookies, dips, fresh-baked bread, fruit and cupcakes. Layer your produce in a haphazard style and a beautiful table will build itself right in front of your eyes.

Time for games

We all know little ones’ attention spans don’t last long, so be sure to have a couple of games on hand to keep the festivities rolling. It’s hard to go past good old fashioned pass the parcel, with a treat in every layer and a special prize in the middle. For older kids, procure a croquet set or giant dominos by Sunnylife, available at Myer, and don’t forget the lolly bags!

Breaking the tasks down helps you spend less time stressing and more time enjoying family milestones – happy planning!

Credit: Meri Meri