I hate to admit it, but I’m addicted to weddings.

Or more accurately, wedding planning. In full disclosure, I am incredibly single – so much so that as I write this on a Sunday, the most consistent interaction I’ve had with another human all week has been my daily ‘hi, how are you?’ to my apartment complex’s Polish gardener. If you’re reading this Emil, you’ve done an outstanding job with those camellias.

Maybe I am a horrendous stereotype for women in their early 20s everywhere, but heck – I wont deny my love of table organisation, charming chalkboard handwriting and metres of decorative tulle. There’s just something about weddings that lets me know that no matter what’s going on in the world, love is still holding out.

I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one either – so whether you’re actually planning your upcoming nuptials or (like me) just need to add to your dream wedding Pinterest board, I present to you 4 fail safe wedding themes to use as inspiration for future or imaginary celebrations.

Four Wedding Themes And How To Recreate Them

Richly Romantic

Romance and weddings (much like florals and spring) aren’t exactly a groundbreaking combination. You see, it’s very hard not to make a wedding romantic. You love them? They love you? Sorted. Done. But in a theme-ing sense, translating romantic motifs into your decorations isn’t too difficult either. Utilise deep burgundy hues or a lighter pink blush palette and adopt an opulent approach to accessorising/ decorating/ dressing. After all – in the world of love, too much is never enough.

Lace up your bridesmaids in: Valencia Rose Mini Dresses by Talulah

Channel a royal wedding: Crown by Christie Nicolaides

Your guests will be drinking: Champagne

Spritz this scent: Si by Giorgio Armani

Seaside Celebrations

I have a special sort of love for beach people that often borders on envy. There’s just something about their go-with-the-flow nonchalance and bewildering ability to keep their cool even when sand gets everywhere which makes them so much nobler than I. And just like how beach people are different from the rest of us impatient flat-lander folk, beach-side nuptials have their own separate set of considerations from your typical wedding. Dressing accordingly is a big one (i.e. leave the ball gown in the ballroom) and so is ditching heels (i.e. see my above views on sand).

What to sip: West Winds Gin Negroni (Get your cocktail shaker ready)

Keep bridesmaid dresses wind-proof: Corset detail dress by Seed

Location-appropriate wedding footwear: Tan Sandals by Windsor Smith

The fragrance : Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Garden Party

The grown-up version of a backyard tea party, where the guests are humans (not teddy bears) and you’re drinking something a little stronger than  iced tea. There’s no location more sentimental than yours or a loved ones garden, which in turn makes the setting that much more intimate for a ceremony or reception. A few things to note though: mother nature can often be more of an unruly wedding guest than matronly saint. If the inside of the house isn’t a viable retreat in case of rain/ heatwaves/ freak hurricanes, consider hiring a marquee for the day. Also consider hiring a cleaner for the day after. And a personal servant to bring you leftover cake and paracetamol.

Pouring glasses of: Sparkling Rose Punch (Get the recipe here)

Match your bridesmaids dresses to your bouquet: Peony Tiered Dress by Steele

Select a floral scent: Assoluto by Valentino with vanilla, peach, rose and cedar notes

Must-have bridal accessory: A Floral Halo by Olga Berg

A Vintage Affair

A wedding is the opportune time to act out any long-standing dreams to be an extra in The Great Gatsby or Downtown Abbey. Hire a band or bring out the records and travel back to yesteryear for a night of glamorous festivities, revelry and cocktails that would make the prohibition officers frown. To make the night that little bit more authentic and break out of the social media cycle, get all your guests to switch off their phones for the event.

Keep your fragrance classic: Chanel No. 5

Get your bridesmaids in the vintage groove : Heavenly Lace Dress by Review

Fill up your cup with: Pimm’s punch (like this peach concoction)

Don’t forget your something blue: Scallop Heels from Princess Highway