Ever wondered what your Christmas presents say about you?

This December 25th, once you’ve ripped off wrapping paper and eaten your fill of Christmas turkey, take a second to reflect on why your loved ones chose the gifts they did. Maybe it was a long thought-out process; or maybe it was Christmas Eve and last minute panic took hold of them. Whatever the case, the gift they ended up giving consciously or subconsciously reminded them of you.


Harry Potter Beach Towel

If you: a) spend way too much time shouting ‘accio’ at inanimate objects, b) have been known to ask bartenders for firewhiskey or c) blame nargles for not handing in homework/ work reports, it might be time to admit you have an ever-so-slight Harry Potter obsession.

What Your Christmas Presents Say About You

Jay Jays; $49.95

Tassel Key Ring

The phrase “I’m SO sorry I’m late, I couldn’t find my car keys” begins your conversation at meetups, brunches and wedding ceremonies. Punctuality might not be your strong suit, but the New Year is approaching – you can work to become more organised for 2017 (just like you promised you’d do in 2016… and in 2015)

What Your Christmas Presents Say About You

Portmans; $12.95

Unicorn Floatie

Chances are you blitzed drama in high-school. All-in-all, you are the life of the party and like to stand out. A magical unicorn in a herd of humdrum horses.
What Your Christmas Presents Say About You

Sportsgirl; $69.95

Hipster Kit

Let’s take a look inside: a bottle opener for craft beers, man bun hair ties, slick golden tin that fits easily into a vintage satchel. Chances are you live in Mt Lawley, value witty banter and participate in Movember year-round.

What Your Christmas Presents Say About You

Damn Handsome Hipster Kit MYER; $49.95

Passport Case

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You are excited for an upcoming international journey, but the present-giver is doubtful of your ability not to lose your passport. And/or wallet.  And/or dignity.

What Your Christmas Presents Say About You

Fossil; $89

Leather Flower Sling Back Bag

Much like Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf, you surround yourself with some utterly fantastic and stylish people (who you should never let go. Ever. Seriously. If they ever leave you for another country/city/planet, hunt them down and bring them back to you)

What Your Christmas Presents Say About You

Cue; $189

Star Wars Keep Cup

Your friends or family know how endearingly childish, yet ever so slightly impractical, you can be. You’re a little bit bummed. They knew you wanted the life-size lightsaber – but hey, maybe this will be more suitable for the office.

A lot less fun though.

What Your Christmas Presents Say About You

Star Wars Keep Cup MYER; $26.95

Mini Selfie Stick

Anything for Instagram” is your guiding mantra. #NoFilter #SummerDays #Blessed


Mini Selfie Stick Sportsgirl; $16.95