Join Forrest Chase & Myer for our FREE 45 minute workshop on how to dress for your body shape.

Claim a $10 Myer Gift Card just by participating. 

When – Various
Duration – 45 minutes
Location – Level 1 Myer, Forrest Chase

Style Workshop – Dressing For Your Body Type

Attend a FREE fashion workshop and receive a $10 Myer Gift Card!

As part of our brand-new spring campaign series, Forest Chase has partnered with Myer to bring several lucky guests a special workshop experience.

As the change in season approaches, we’ve decided to showcase some of the best new spring fashion trends that are sure to turn heads and leave an impression.

Between 14 – 26 September guests will have the opportunity to experience a free fashion workshop detailing some of the best pieces of fashion that are designed to suit you from head to toe.

If you’re taller, shorter, smaller, or larger than average, you’re probably well aware of how difficult it can sometimes be to find clothes that both fit your body shape comfortably and look good at the same time.

Fortunately, our Dressing For Your Body Shape workshop can help fix this issue, by showcasing some fresh new fashion options that are designed for people who don’t fit into the very narrow band of ‘ordinary’.

In other words, we’ve got extraordinary clothes for extraordinary people.

And if that wasn’t enough, guests will receive a complimentary $10 Myer Gift Card just by attending.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Workshops are limited to 20 guests each, so be sure to get in while you can.