Roasts, Casseroles, Cakes & Bakes – Winter is the Season for Cooking.

Unfortunately, the weather and our busy lives don’t always agree. Especially when it’s been raining all day, you forgot your umbrella and the wind has picked up as you trudge to the bus stop – only to realise you left your smartrider at your desk.

It’s an all-too relatable story that makes you want to reach out and pull the protagonist into a bear hug. We’ve all been there – and when we (finally) make it home – the last thing we wanted to do is fluster around in the kitchen for hours. We want something warm and delicious, and we want it ASAP.

Consider this an emergency source for one of those frustrating and blustery days; a guide to quick & easy winter recipes that take under 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

10 Minutes to Spare


Chicken & Pumpkin Wrap

I don’t know who decided to start adding roast vegetables to salads, wraps and sandwiches, but they need to be thanked. Profusely. Possibly with a 20ft golden statue in the town square.


Best-Ever Ham & Cheese Toastie

Usually I’d be hesitant to try anything that has ‘best-ever’ at the front of its name, but this toastie actually lives up to it’s name. Super simple, super tasty – a hipster approved sambo without the $22 price tag.


Apple Turnovers

Even if you’re cooking with kids (which we all know increases prep time by about 150%) you’ll still be able to get these turnovers on the table in 5 minutes. They’ll probably be fully devoured in another 5, too!

20 Minutes to Spare


Fish & Peanut Curry

There’s nothing quite as easy, delicious and inexpensive as a healthy flavour-filled curry. Skip the costly green smoothies – all you need for a mid-year detox is 20 minutes and a saucepan.


Cheesy Hot Dogs

Because who knows how to handle cold weather better than the Yankees? Transport yourself to a frosty New York street with this American classic.


Grilled Peaches with Honey Ricotta

The most satisfying way to consume those peaches you bought.. then totally forgot about.

30 Minutes to Spare


Tomato, Chickpea & Zucchini Soup

Veggie soup is a winter favorite that anyone can master. This basic recipe is a great starting-point to get creative with seasonings, flavours and other additions. But – as with all classics, it’s also perfect on it’s own too.


Meatball & Pasta Bake

Ah, the classic bake – a winter staple right up there with a cup of cocoa & roast chicken on the cold-weather-cravings list.


Peanut Butter Ice-Cream Sandwiches

We’re really, really sorry if you are on a diet. Because after reading this recipe, you won’t be. #Irresistable

Johanna Borger x